Sourcery Acquisition by Lavu, first iPad POS

Sourcery Acquisition by Lavu, first iPad POS

Sourcery has been acquired by Lavu, a leading mobile point-of-sale and payment processing. 

Sourcery’s technology paperless and cloud-based accounts payable process allows restaurant owners to not only save time and resources needed, it facilitates analytics and tracking of price and ingredients. Payments are automated and securely sent through an online platform, with quick and easy invoice processing. 

“Restaurants today still receive paper invoices from many vendors and waste precious time on cumbersome manual payment processes. At Lavu, we’ve listened to the painful stories of our clients and we’ve responded to their pain by acquiring Sourcery’s technology. We are excited to share Sourcery with our customers and see them achieve optimum operational efficiency,” stated Lavu CEO Saleem S. Khatri. 

Teri Wilson, Sourcery’s GM affirmed, “Lavu is the perfect complement to Sourcery, bringing modern restaurant technology to all aspects of the management process. We are eager to see the success restaurants can achieve with the combined power of the Lavu and Sourcery platforms.”

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