Xenon Partners Announces New Chief Security Officer — Donnie Hasseltine

Xenon Partners Announces New Chief Security Officer — Donnie Hasseltine

Xenon Partners has announced that Donnie Hasseltine has joined Xenon as Chief Security Officer. With Xenon Partners’ focus on technology, specifically SaaS, it is important to guarantee security and compliance for both Xenon and its portfolio companies. 

“Donnie’s leadership and expertise in cybersecurity will ensure Xenon stays ahead of the game both for compliance and protection,” says partner Teri Wilson. “He is a great fit with our organization and part of our commitment to putting security first.” 

With customers that span across the globe and a continually evolving technological landscape, Xenon portfolio companies must manage diversified security regulations and evolving cyber threats. However, so must their customers. Standing at the forefront of cyber security enables self-protection but is also an opportunity to differentiate from peers in the current B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) space. This is particularly the case given a shortage of readily available cyber security experts in the employment market and the growing impact of cyber crime in recent years. 

Donnie comes to Xenon after a distinguished career of planning operations and leading high performing organizations with the US Marine Corps. 

About Xenon Partners
Xenon Partners acquires and operates early and mid-stage technology companies, with a particular emphasis on B2B SaaS solutions. Xenon provides its portfolio companies with deep operational expertise in growth marketing, sales, design, product engineering, and operations to scale to the next level. Past and present portfolio companies include Airbrake (acquired by Rackspace), RightSignature (acquired by Citrix), DreamFactory, Earth Class Mail, and Xplenty. For more information about Security at Xenon Partners, visit www.xenon.io/security.

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